What is Mindfulness Exactly?

Mindfulness is the practice of present moment awareness. It is about awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations in each moment, without judgment. When mindful, we can observe our thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them. We can see them for what they are - thoughts and emotions - and let them go.

How do I Train my Mind?

The first step to training your mind is becoming aware that your mind wanders into the past or future. It cannot be easy at first, but with practice, it will get easier. Once you've become aware that your mind has wandered, gently bring it back to the present moment. You can do this by focusing on your breath or any sensations you feel in your body.

You can do many different mindfulness meditation exercises to help train your mind. Here is a simple one to get you started:

  1. Search for a comfortable place to sit or lie down.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  3. Focus on your breath and the sensation of your breath moving in and out of your body.
  4. Whenever you notice your mind wandering, gently bring it back to your breath.
  5. Continue for 5-10 minutes or longer if you like.

How do I Meditate?

Mindfulness meditation is a form of mindfulness specifically focused on the present moment. In mindfulness meditation, we focus on our breath or on any sensations we feel in our bodies. Whenever we notice our mind wandering, we gently bring it back to the current moment. With the help of this, we train our minds to be more aware and present.

Benefits for Learning & Performing

  • Deepen Awareness of your Body

When mindful of our bodies, we notice any tightness or tension affecting our singing. We can also see when we are holding our breath or not breathing deeply enough. This awareness allows us to change our singing techniques to sing with less effort and more ease.

  • Increase Focus, Relaxation & Willingness to Learn

One of the main benefits of mindfulness is that it helps us focus and relax simultaneously. It can be helpful when learning new singing techniques or working on challenging vocal exercises. When we are more focused, we can learn more quickly and retain what we've learned. We are also more likely to be willing to try new things when feeling relaxed.

  • Reduce Performance Anxiety

Mindfulness can also help to reduce performance anxiety. It allows us to focus on the present moment and not get caught up in our thoughts and feelings about the future. When we are not worried about what might happen, we can perform more confidently and quickly.

  • Releases Stress

When stressed, our body tightens, and we may hold our breath. It can negatively affect our singing voice. By practicing mindfulness, we can know how to relax our bodies and release any tension affecting our voices. Mindfulness can also help us to deal with any performance anxiety or nerves that may arise before a performance. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing mindfulness and see how it can help you to improve your singing voice!

  • Improves your Singing Skills

As a singer, you always look for ways to improve your skills. The best way for this is to practice mindfulness. When you are mindful of your body, you can notice any tightness or tension that may be affecting your singing. You can also see when you are holding your breath or not breathing deeply enough. This awareness allows you to change your singing technique to sing with less effort and more ease.

Best Meditation for Singers

  • Om Chanting Meditation: This meditation involves chanting the sacred sound of "OM". The vibration of this sound can help to relax and focus the mind. It can also use to open up the chakras, or energy centers, in the body.
  • Guided Meditation: It is a great way to focus and relax the mind. In a guided meditation, you will listen to someone else's voice as they drive you through the meditation.
  • Kriya Kirtan meditation: This meditation involves chanting and singing sacred sounds. It is helpful to balance the chakras and promote healing. If you're new to mindfulness or meditation, starting with a simple practice such as focused breathing is best. When you hang it, you can try other types of mindfulness meditation.
  • Wilfully Distracted Meditation: In this mindfulness meditation, you deliberately allow your mind to wander. Learning how to focus and bring your attention back to the present moment is helpful. No matter what type of mindfulness meditation you choose, the important thing is to be patient and consistent with your practice.
  • Journaling Meditation: This is a great way to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings. In a journaling meditation, you sit down and write whatever comes to mind. It is helpful to process any emotions or ideas that are causing you stress. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to improve your singing voice.
  • Walking Meditation: It is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air while you meditate. For this, focus on your breath as you walk. You can also focus on your body's sensations or sounds around you.

What is the Meaning of Voice Lessons?

The meaning of voice lessons will vary depending on who you ask. However, generally speaking, voice lessons are a type of instruction that helps people to learn how to sing. It can include learning how to control and use your voice, breathe when singing, and project your voice so that it sounds its best. Voice lessons can be helpful for both beginners and experienced singers alike. So, voice lessons may be a good option if you want to improve your singing voice.

Benefits of Meditation for Singers

  • Better Breathing: One of the most important aspects of singing is breathing. If you don't breathe correctly, it can negatively affect your voice. However, practicing mindfulness can teach you to control your breath and use it to your advantage when singing.
  • Improved Posture: Another essential aspect of singing is having good posture. If you slouch when you sing, it can affect the quality of your voice. However, mindfulness can help you become aware of your posture and adjust to standing or sitting up straight. It can lead to a better sound when you sing.
  • Better Voice: Mindfulness can also help you improve your voice's quality. It is because it allows you to be aware of how you use your voice and make changes so that you use it in the most efficient way possible. When your voice is more efficient, it will sound better.
  • Confidence: Mindfulness can also help to increase your confidence. It is because when you are more aware of your thoughts and emotions, you can learn to control them better. It can help you to feel more confident in yourself, which will show when you sing.


Mindfulness meditation is a great way to improve your singing voice. It can help you to control your breath, improve your posture, and increase your confidence. Therefore, mindfulness meditation may be an excellent option to take your singing to the next level.